Consulting Services

Chinuch Support provides consulting services to the teacher, school, parent and family. You can even schedule Skype sessions online!

For Students

  • Advocate for their needs
  • Coordinate special services
  • Assist with school placement
  • Design plan for ultimate success
  • Effective listener

For Parents

  • Training programs for effective parenting
  • Counseling for specific parenting needs
  • Advocate for parent needs
  • Coordination of special services
  • Help design portfolios and plans for success

For Teachers

  • Training programs for effective teaching
  • Individual one-on-one coaching and mentoring
  • Class observations and consultations
  • Assistance with individual
  • Assist in position placement
  • In-service training

For Principals

  • Training programs for effective school-leadership
  • Defining and setting individual principal goals
  • Assist in position placement
  • Individual one-on-one coaching and mentoring

For Schools

  • Consultation on school programs
  • Assist in the design of Mission and Vision planning
  • Coordinating marketing program
  • Curriculum planning and writing
  • Help define the school culture
  • Assist with surveys