A Principal’s Principles




Imagine having an articulate teacher, a master rebbe, a successful principal – a “teacher’s teacher” — there for you, to answer your questions and help you enhance your child’s education. Imagine having a warm and experienced educator available to guide you in helping your children make the most of their formative years.

Stop imagining: You’re holding this master teacher and principal- or, at least, his wisdom and experience — in your hand, in A Principal’s Principles, a compelling and urgently-needed book on raising our children.

Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg, Dean of Torah Academy in Minneapolis, is a creative and caring educator, a solutions-oriented principal who is regularly consulted by mechanchim throughout America. In A Principal’s Principles Rabbi Ginsberg guides parents in the most important challenge of all: educating our children. In his wry and insightful way he shows us:

  • How to deal with bullies – and the child who is bullied
  • How to hear what children are saying – and what they really mean
  • How does our home impact their success
  • How to assess if we are pressuring our children too much, or not enough

And, most important of all: How to ensure that the classroom is a place of happiness and discipline, a place to which our children are drawn. We all want our children to succeed in school! Then we have to do our homework – and that starts with A Principal’s Principles.