Today You Will Learn Series

Master Your Class.

You’re dedicated.

You’re caring,

You’re invested.

You’re a TEACHER!

This summer, prepare for the new year with Rabbi Ginsberg's masterfully written Today You Will Learn series written especially for teachers like you! This series includes three separate books, each addressing separate elements of teaching. Read them all to become a master of the classroom!

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Chinuch Support is a comprehensive educational and parenting consulting service for parents, educators and schools.

Our Director, Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg, provides wisdom, compassion and skills of an experienced educator, coupled with a commitment to assure that the child's best interests are met. Whether it is a family, teacher, school, Rabbi Ginsberg will tackle the individual challenges and do everything possible to ensure a successful outcome. All services, provided by any one of our consultants, is individually and personally supervised by Rabbi Ginsberg.

Chinuch Support helps children achieve their potential

Just ReleaseD!

Masterful School Leadership will help:

  • You be a more effective leader
  • You have a clear mission for the school and yourself
  • You with how to enhance the curriculum
  • You with developing more effective communication skills
  • You lead a school that is unique, warm and friendly
  • You with skills to manage your time effectively and productively
  • You work as partners with all the constituencies of the school

This book is the comprehensive guide for effective school leadership with practical tools on how to navigate the challenges.

Price: $50

+ shipping $12 (USA) and $24 (International)