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Dear Rabbi Ginsberg

Just a short e-mail to let you know that our girls in first and second grade in Bais Yaakov of Boro Park adjusted b.h. very nicely! Thank you so much for helping us making the right decision and getting them into the right classes. It looks like they both got nice classes and both of them already have new friends.

We are very grateful for all your advice and wish you a “kesivo vechasimo toivo and a gut gebensht yohr”! We hope you don’t mind if we bother you here or there, we enjoy your articles in the Hamodia and learn a lot from it.

Thank You!

Likvod Rabbi Ginsberg,

We went to several professionals before we were fortunate to meet you and within five minutes you were successful in reducing our anxiety. For years we were living with such tension and in a way our home was more of a war-zone. You taught us how to make the necessary changes along the way and we now have a real healthy and functioning family. My friends are asking me what happened to us (in the positive sense) as they never saw such a total transformation and all the fingers point to you. The Aibershter blessed you with great kochas and we are lucky to have such messengers in our midst. On behalf of each one of our children (and now BH grandchildren as well) and my husband, thank you from the depth of our heart.

Dear Rabbi Ginsberg,

In our school the meaning and comfort level with consultants has changed. In the past, when our teachers were notified about a consultant visiting the school, we would hear sentiments such as these consultants – they come and tell us what we are doing wrong and they get paid for it. It is now two years after your first visit to our school and we are still getting requests for you to come back and back again. Teachers don’t feel threatened by you and they want more and more of your creative solutions. It is without a shadow of doubt that I can state with all conviction that you gave our school the boost and direction it needed. Please come back!