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Welcome to Chinuch Support!

Chinuch Support is a comprehensive educational and parenting consulting service for parents, educators and schools.

Our Director, Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg, provides wisdom, compassion and skills of an experienced educator, coupled with a commitment to assure that the child's best interests are met. Whether it is a family, teacher, school, Rabbi Ginsberg will tackle the individual challenges and do everything possible to ensure a successful outcome. All services, provided by any one of our consultants, is individually and personally supervised by Rabbi Ginsberg.

Professional Training for Educators $399

Learn how to prepare and teach a perfect lesson, manage (not control) the class easily and effectively, and more!

Check out Living Lessons!

Living Lessons is a grass-roots effort to create high-quality Torah learning materials for children. Benefiting from the latest educational methods, and without compromising our rich Mesorah, a group of dedicated individuals have undertaken the monumental task of preparing materials to make Torah engaging, meaningful and exciting to learn and teach.

Our name says it all – Living Lessons empowers our children to bring the lessons of the Torah to life.

The first result of the this effort is the state-of-the-art Yahadus curriculum, designed by a team of Mechanchim and Mechanchos, Rabbonim, researchers, writers, designers, parents, and children. Other exciting projects are underway. Stay tuned for updates!