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Ask the Rabbi

Do teachers deserve respect or should they earn respect?

The teaching profession is by far one of the most meaningful jobs in existence. Many rabbeim made impressions on me that I carry to this day. In the 60s and 70s, students respected their rabbeim, obeyed the rules (most of the time) and this gave the rabbeim the opportunity to do their job. Teach and motivate. We will all agree that students can only learn from someone they respect.  The debate boils down to the question of whether the teacher has to earn respect or does the profession entitle him to respect.  Well let us take a look at chazal...

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Do the scriptures say children should be spanked?

It was an ordinary afternoon. As I sat at my desk, the phone rang.  It was the parent of a four-year old boy from a different state.  The parent said that she and her husband just returned from an interview at a school they hoped their son would attend the following year.  One of the questions during the interview referred to child spanking.  The principal asked the parents if they were okay with children being hit, as this was the practice at that school.  You can’t imagine the shock and outrage I felt as I listened.  I couldn’t believe that...

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